Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Four Hundred and Sixty Sims Visited

Note the change to the Sandbox regions in the southwest of the map!

Blue: Bay City
Brown: Nova Albion
Green: Shermerville
Orange: San Francisco
Red: Unclassified Mainland
Violet: Vehicle
Yellow: Sandbox
Apricot: Color Sims
Bittersweet: Micronesia
Gray: The L-Shaped Lake
Blue Green: Volcano Island
Blue Violet: Kami
Brick Red: Nuba
Burnt Sienna: Mare Secundus
Carnation Pink: Lost Lakes
Cornflower: Moons
Gold: Coast Towns
Green Blue: Bay of Space Pigs
Yellow Green: Central Snowlands
Lemon Yellow: Ice Bay
Magenta: Hidden Lakes
Mahogany: Great Lakes
Maize: Sea of Fables
Maroon: Linden Village
Melon: East Coast
Midnight Blue: Islandia North
Olive Green: East Snowlands
Orange Red: West Coast

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