Saturday, June 25, 2011


Here are some photos from ArcheoExpo 2011 in Cowell.

The wand demonstration begins. It rezzes what you tell it to!

Some of the crowd took the UFO for a spin.

Then things got out of control!

Prokofy Neva afk.

James Linden's nickel - a true Second Life artefact!

Ilianexsi Sojourner made a Salazar Jack gnome.

Enjoying the food with Ilianexsi Sojourner, Prokofy Neva and Millennium Sands.
I don't know if these hotdogs were historic artefacts.

A small crowd turned up for the tour!

Salazar Jack explaining an artefact.

Me with Headburro Antfarm and Ilianexsi Sojourner.

Enjah Mysterio came as Salazar Jack.

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