Friday, April 8, 2011


Andrew & Simon Linden's Server User Group meeting.
This is actually from 1 April, so at the moment I'm traveling a week ahead of my blog posts.


  1. God knows, I'm no scripter; my programming language is "English." :-)
    However, I agree that Andrew and Simon are wise folks. In my past 5 years in SL, I've asked their help only twice. However, on both occasions they were gracious, candid, and offered more than I actually needed. (GRIN-- I'm Jane Fossett in SL; I usually need a lot! :-) )
    Given the above, and out of concern over LL downsizing, I'd just like to comment that I hope no one undercuts the Anddrew-Simon duo.
    They are very good people. :-)

  2. I listened in on the meeting - it all seemed very civilized :)